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Anime Soundtracks

If you watch anime, then you know that it can have some of the best music. Especially they’re intro and outro music. In this post, I’ll share five of some of my favorite anime music with you (and perhaps persuade you to watch some of them).

  • One Piece – We Are

This was one of the first animes I had ever seen when I was a kid and this song is still one of my favorites. It’s upbeat, fun, and charming. The song perfectly reflects the core of the show and its characters. Pirates, superpower like abilities, and adventure. What more could you want? Honestly, if you haven’t seen One Piece you should go watch it.

  • Inuyasha – Change The World

Inuyasha was another one of my first animes and welcomes you into the world of fantasy with this bright and gung-ho song. It’s a hopeful little song that is just bursting with energy and feel (bit like the show itself). It’s sure to cheer you right up and brighten your day.

  • Blue Exorcist – all openings

Okay slightly cheating on this one, cos this video has all three openings themes but they are all just SO GOOD and I couldn’t pick one. These all have this sort of this breaking free vibe. They’ve got this nice catchy beat that just makes you want to dance (and we have, trust me). These ones are also incredibly fun to sing along to.

  • Mushishi – Shiver

Mushisi is one of the most beautiful animes that I have ever seen and it’s opening themes reflect that, but this one is my favorite one. It’s just so relaxing and inviting. You feel like you can just sink into the music and let it engulf your senses and transport you somewhere else. If you’re looking for something calm and relaxing then this is the way to go.

  • Bleach – D-tecnoLife

It was incredibly hard to pick just one because ALL the music from this show is just amazing. It was between this one and the first and fourth intro. (AKA go check them out) Again, just so many feels from this! It just gets you pumped up and gives you that I can take on the world type of feeling. It’s one of those that keeps you coming back to it.


Okay, so that’s all for today. I really enjoyed this one so if you guys like it I’ll do some more anime music ones and explore some more intros and maybe some outros and in-show themes as well. These are some really great animes so I highly suggest you go check them out. Have a great day guys!


FanArt Friday 4/07/17 (Theme: The Walking Dead Pt.2)

Hey every one, been a while since I did this I wanted to bring it back, so, it’s FanArt Friday! Now, as always, none of this work is mine, I did not make these. I just really appreciate them, love them, and want to show them off. In light of the season finale this past Sunday, this weeks theme is The Walking Dead. So, enjoy!


Kirk Manley



AJ Moore


Kirk Manley



I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks Fanart, let me know what else you’d like to see. Have a fantastic Friday!

Timothy Omundson and Why You Should Love Him


Okay, so you see this man right here? Okay, this man is freaking amazing and one of my favorite actors. Now let me tell you why.

First off, he’s funny. Like really really funny, and not just on screen but off as well. He can sing and dance, like really well. Go watch the television shows Psych or Galavant. Galavant is a musical comedy that breaks the fourth wall and pokes fun at the classical fairy tales. Really great show. Psych is just a super funny show in general and there is a musical episode that showcases Timothy’s amazing vocals.

King Richard from Galavant
Carlton Lassiter from Psych

SPN-Cain2But one of my favorite things about him is that while he can play the funny comedic characters, even boarding dopy at times (in a good way, I’m looking at you King Richard), he can play there very serious, powerful, and even frightening characters like Cain in the television show Supernatural.

And if none of those are enough for you he also made guess appearances on Warehouse 13, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Criminal Minds, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Deadwood, Fraiser, Seinfeld, and that really really cheesy Disney Channel Movie Luck of the Irish.

He’ll be playing God in the show Lucifer (which I stated in my last post, I LOVE this show)

Honestly, he’s an amazing actor, great person, and you just gotta watch some of the stuff he’s in. I promise if you’ll love him. If that’s not enough here’s a couple videos to change your mind.

Sorry for the Russian subs on this next one but it was the only way I could find the full version.

Go watch Timothy Omundson, he’s amazing. You’ll love him.

Have a great day guys!

10 Soundtracks For The Music Geek

Hello all! So, I don’t know about the rest of you but I love a good soundtrack. Film/Television music is what I study/work to. To me, the music always conveys so much feeling and emotion. So, today we’re going to look at 10 of, what I believe, are some of the best soundtracks. Links to these soundtracks will be provided. Enjoy!

1. Rogue One


This soundtrack is near and dear to my heart. Star Wars has played a big part in my life, it was the first thing that I ever became a geek over. The music of the entire series is phenomenal but there’s something about Rogue One in particular that just captures my attention. It’s beautiful, haunting, lamenting, and hopeful. The album is composed by Michael Giacchino and if you love Star Wars or really if you just love beautiful music then I suggest you listen to this album.


2. Vikings


Vikings is a show that follows the lives of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family from peasant to king of the Vikings. The music reflects the themes of the show: dark, powerful, tense, mystical, eerie and beautiful all in one. It’s not for everyone for sure, but it has this way of drawing you in. I’d highly recommend it for fantasy and historical fantasy lovers. Travis Morris is the composer and you can find the first season’s album here.


3. Studio Ghibli


Joe Hisaishi is a musical genius. If you have ever seen a Studio Ghibli film then you know just how amazing his work is. The music really helps shape the worlds you see and the characters you meet. I cannot sing this man’s praises enough. This music covers everything: beautiful, magical, creepy, lamenting, hopeful, fun, depressing. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. And that is why that I say his work is for everyone. Here’s an ensemble collection of all of his Studio Ghibli work, go listen to it.


4. The Lord of the Rings


I couldn’t leave Lord of the Rings out of this. LOTR is by far one of the BEST soundtracks out there. Howard Shore blows your absolute mind away by creating such beautiful and inviting music. I’ll admit, a few of these songs have made me cry before. They’re THAT good. Any fantasy, or frankly any music lover in general, should listen to this album. And, if you like this then you should also check out The Hobbit soundtrack as well. (It should be noted that the links go the first films albums and not all three because I trust that you can find your way to the next one from there.)


5. Pride & Prejudice


Now, before you jump on me and say “this isn’t geeky!” hear me out. I’m a classics and literature geek as well as a Star Wars, Lord of the Rings geek. I love Jane Austen & Edgar Allan Poe as much as I love Doctor Who & Walking Dead. Dario Marianelli & Jean-Yves Thibaudet have created what I believe to be one of the most beautiful albums ever. It’s full of life, beauty, fun, love, and even sorrow. It’s incredibly moving music that takes you on a journey if you just listen and let it move. It’s not for everyone, but I honestly think everyone should give it a try at least once. For all you classical lovers, be it books, film, music, and for those of you who just love beautiful music, I highly suggest you give this album a go.


6. Doctor Who

SILCD1345 Dr Who Series 5 Cover.jpg

Doctor Who is another series with absolutely amazing music. Murray Gold is phenomenal and his music reflects the show perfectly: fun, quirky, painful, sad, hopeful, and so on. There is so much music for this show, and it’s all good and I highly suggest you listen to it all if you can, but for me the 5th series holds a very special place in my heart. The 11th Doctor is my Doctor, The Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone were the first Doctor Who episodes I ever saw. 11 and this series is what made me a Whovian, and the music played a large role in that. Every Doctor Who fan should listen to this but I really suggest it for any Science Fiction lover.


7. Gladiator


If you don’t know Hanz Zimmer then we’re about to change that. Hanz Zimmer is right up there with John Williams and Howard Shore. If you don’t trust me, which is fine, then let me give you a glimpse of his track record: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, The Dark Knight, The Last Samurai, The Thin Red Line,  Inception, 12 Years a Slave, and Interstellar. So, do you believe me now? This particular soundtrack is one of my favorites. It mixes haunting with beauty. You get the feelings or war, pain, sadness, determination, and in the end hope. Again, I highly suggest this for all you historical fantasy lovers out there.


8. Inception


Look, you got me started on Hans Zimmer and now I can’t stop. But for real though, this is another phenomenal album. The music is just absolutely gorgeous and moving. It sucks you in and you lost yourself to it. Time is one of my all time favorite songs on this album and if you’re doubting me, go listen to it. This album reflects the themes and feelings of the film, bending and twisting your mind as you go through this mind bending journey. I suggest this album for all music lovers in general because frankly I think it works for everyone.


9. Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is another fantastic soundtrack series. The Main title alone hooks you. Ramin Djawadi does a spectacular job of bringing this series to life with his music. It’s full of what every fantasy series needs: the mystery, the battles, life, death, love, pain, treachery and the music conveys all of this. I suggest this for all fantasy lovers out there as a must listen to.


10. Pirates of the Caribbean


I told you you got me started on Hans Zimmer! The Pirates of the Caribbean has some of the best soundtracks out there, and they’re all great. But, I find the second one Dead Man’s Chest to be my favorite. You should go listen to them all but here’s why the second one is my favorite, every single track is amazing. There’s not a single one that doesn’t draw you in and make you crave more. There’s action, creepiness, sadness, fear, everything. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is for all fantasy lovers and for the historical fantasy lovers.


Okay! So, that was 10 soundtracks that I think every geek should hear. Now, these are all relatively lyricless ones, focusing purely on the music itself. So, if you would like me to do one that has lyrics like Disney or musical films then let me know! I hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know what else you would like to see, and have a great day!

Fandom Crossovers 2!

Hey Guys! So, things are a little busy and hectic in the real world that is my life. I work on a food truck and the time around the fourth of July, food trucks are in high demand which means long shifts and little time for posting. So, I’m keeping it short and bringing back a fun post. Crossovers! So, here goes! Enjoy!


  • Star Wars X Marvel



  • Game of Thrones X Avatar the Last Airbender


  • Game of Thrones X Star Wars


  • Doctor Who X Disney


  • Marvel X The Breakfast Clubavengers

  • Marvel X One Piece


  • The Hobbit X Ouran High School Host Club


  • Sherlock X Assassin’s Creed


  • Sherlock X Link


  • HALO X Mass Effect


  • Doctor Who X Bioshock



Alright, well, that’s all that I have time for right now. Tomorrow’s the Fourth and I’ve got a long shift tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoyed this set of crossovers as much as I did. As always, I own absolutely none of the images here and they all belong to their respected owners. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and for those celebrating the Fourth of July I hope you have a lovely holiday and be kind to those around you and who are working to make sure you have a great holiday.

Have a lovely day folks!


Summer Film Recommendations From Your Residential Geek

So! First post of the new season (well, new to me). I spent a long while deciding what my first post back should be and I decided that I wanted to share 10 of some of my favorite Summertime films with you guys! Now, I won’t spoil anything for you guys but I will talk a bit about them and why I really enjoy and them and what not. These are in no particular order or ranking system, because, let’s be real I can’t rank my films cos I love them all too dearly.

So, shall we!

1.) The Usual Suspects


This 1995 mystery crime thriller was directed by Bryan Singer and “follows the interrogation of Roger “Verbal” Kint, a small-time con man who is one of only two survivors of a massacre and fire on a ship docked at the Port of Los Angeles. He tells an interrogator a convoluted story about events that led him and his partners in crime to the boat, and about a mysterious mob boss known as Keyser Söze who commissioned their work. Using flashback and narration, Kint’s story becomes increasingly complex.” (Wiki)

Now, before you lost your mind at this “ancient” film let me state, that this film IS FREAKING AMAZING. Like, I’m a cinema major and I adore this film to no end. It’s got an amazing story and characters, the story will captivate you, and there are so many great twists and turns in this film. It’s a bit violent enough that for 1995 to rate it R due to “Violence and a substantial amount of strong language” (literally got that off the back of the DVD) but it would probably be rated PG-13 now of days.

I promise, that if you love mystery films or thrillers, then you will love this film.

2.) Resident Evilresident-evil-2002

This 2002 syfy horror zombie film based on the video game Resident Evil. “The film follows amnesiac heroine Alice and a band of Umbrella Corporation commandos as they attempt to contain the outbreak of the T-virus at a secret underground facility.” (Wiki) The film is rated R for “Sci-Fi/Horror violence, language, and brief sexuality/nudity)

Now, I know some don’t like this film cos it’s not exactly like the game and what not. But if you separate it from the game, and view it as just another film, it’s actually really good. Personally, this is the film that got me into zombies in the first place. If you aren’t squeamish and enjoy syfy with horrorish elements then I highly suggest watching this (in the dark is even better).

3.) The Cat Returns


Okay, so here’s a kid friendly one. The Cat Returns is a Studio Ghibli film (did you really think I could not include at least one Ghibli film?) This 2002 Japanese animated film is about a girl who, “After helping a cat, finds herself involuntarily engaged to a cat prince in a magical world where her only hope of freedom lies with a dapper cat statuette come to life.”

Okay, so this is one of the less popular Studio Ghibli films, and, if you have the time, I highly suggest you watch all of the Studio Ghibli films no matter the time of year. Now, this one in particular is very lighthearted, bright, colorful, the magical world of cats is just so cute and fun, and the band of misfits that come to Haru’s aid are just so entertaining and engaging that it makes for a really enjoyable film. It’s rated G and is great for kids (and adults) of all ages. Like every Ghibli film, it is gorgeous to look at and the characters and music will have you wanting more. Don’t skip this one, I promise it’s worth watching.

4.) Now You See Me


In this 2013 film “Four talented magicians mesmerize an international audience with a series of bold and original heists, all the while pursing a hidden agenda that has the FBI and Interpol scrambling to anticipate their next move.” (DVD) The film is rated PG-13 for “language, some action, and sexual content”

Okay, so there’s a lot of big names in this film, and quite frankly I think they delivered. It’s engaging, fun, and has a nice wow factor with the tricks they perform. It’s a thriller, but not in the same way as The Usual Suspects. This isn’t a bloody, scary film but more fun and bright. Now, it still has some really nice twists in it (and so does the second one which I highly suggest you go see, yes it’s not as great as the first but it’s still good).

5.) Lord of the Rings


How could I not include Lord of the Rings! And that means all of them. They’re like cats and chips, you can’t have just one. This film is “Set in the fictional world of Middle-earth, the films follow the hobbit Frodo Baggins as he and a Fellowship embark on a quest to destroy the One Ring, and thus ensure the destruction of its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron. The Fellowship becomes divided and Frodo continues the quest together with his loyal companion Sam and the treacherous Gollum. Meanwhile, Aragorn, heir in exile to the throne of Gondor, and the wizard Gandalf unite and rally the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in the War of the Ring.” (Wiki)

Watch it. Just watch it. You know it’s great. You know you love it. And come on, whether or not you’ve seen it recently or it’s been a while, you cannot go wrong watching Lord of Rings. This series is one of the foundations of my geekdom, it’s one of the first things I ever became a geek over. (Obviously rate Pg-13 for fantasy violence and what not)

6.) Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies is a 2013 film that “focuses on the development of the relationship between Julie, a young woman, and “R”, a zombie, and how their eventual romance develops throughout. The film is noted for displaying human characteristics in zombie characters, and for being told from a zombie’s perspective.” (Wiki) “After a highly unusual zombie saves a still-living girl from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might transform the entire lifeless world.” (IMDb)

Okay, I promise that I too thought this was going to be some stupid film and that it wasn’t going to be good but I promise that it is actually really good. It’s got some zombie going on without being the usual blood and guts kind of zombie. Now, it is a romance, but it’s still good! I’m a tomboy myself and usually don’t care for romance films but this one was well done. The story is good, the characters are interesting, it takes a unique perspective on the zombie genre and it does it so well! It’s actually a bit heartwarming and it’s not a dark film at all. It’s rated Pg-13 for “zombie violence and some language” It’s a great way to get your girly friends and your not so girly friends together.

I promise it is worth watching and you won’r regret it.

7.) Repo! The Genetic Opera


This 2008 cult comedy musical comes from the genius mind of Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. “In the mid-21st century, an epidemic of organ failures leads to the rise of GeneCo., a company providing transplants at a great price. Those who miss their payments become targets of GeneCo. mercenaries, who repossess the organs. In a world of drug addiction and legalized murder, a sheltered youth seeks a cure for her rare disease as well as information about her family’s mysterious history. Her questions are answered at “The Genetic Opera.”” (IMDb)

This film is rated R for “strong bloody violence and gore, language, some drug and sexual content” and is not for the faint of heart or easily grossed/freaked out. This film is the dark musical that you never knew you wanted till now. It’s got a grungy dark, steampunk look to it mixed with bright colors that just make it look even cooler. The story, characters, and setting are just great, but nothing beats the music. The music is absolutely killer and you’ll find yourself singing along to it quite often. It’s like rock meets opera meets musical and it’s just great. So, for you horror musical buffs this is for you! (actually if you like horror or more thrillers things I would suggest this for you as well.)

8.) Harry Potter


Harry potter, you know it, I know. We almost all know it, but, for those poor few souls who have yet to hear about it: “rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” (IMDb)

Now, yes, I know, “8 films?! How am I supposed to find the time to watch 8 films?!” You just do. Now, yes they start off a bit cheesy in the looks and acting department but they get really good, and the story itself is a very well crafted story and you actually get invested in the characters. They start at PG and work their way up to PG-13 for fantasy violence and what not. These are really good films to watch if you’ve got teenagers or if you’re into fantasy and that whole world.

9.) Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride is another Tim Burton animation that is filled with his iconic animation style and dark but appealing look. This 2005 film is about “When a shy groom practices his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.” (IMDb)

I adore this film, absolutely adore it. Now, it is rated PG cos you know there’s stuff in it that may be slightly terrifying for really young children. But, it is something that should definitely be included in family night. It’s got Tim Burton’s classic dark yet bright look and features, entertaining characters, and a really good story. You cannot go wrong with this film.

10.) Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy is a Marvel film that came out in 2014. “A group of intergalactic criminals are forced to work together to stop a fanatical warrior from taking control of the universe.” (IMDb) It is rated PG-13 for superhero violence and language and what not.

“OOGA CHAKA OOGA OOGA CHAKA” I love this film! It’s one of my favorite Marvel films and I cannot get enough of it. It’s a really pretty looking film, the characters are solid and mesh well together, the story is good and it’s Marvel! As far as superhero films go, this one is right up there. Go see it, you w0n’t regret it. I don’t care who you are, you will enjoy this film.

Okay! So those are 10 my favorite summer time films, I hope you guys enjoyed this. I promise to do better with posting and that I will get more creative with the gifs and the videos and what not. Let me know what you would like to see on this blog and I hope you guys have a great day!


Still Alive!

Holy crap it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Yes I’m still in university and work a hard job but I am still so sorry for not getting on here before now.

I am blown away by how many of you there are! My stats literally went through the roof and I have several new followers. Which, by the way, if you’re new and I haven’t greeted you yet, “Hello there darling! It’s nice to have you here and I hope you get some enjoyment out of this geek’s blog.”


Now, my deepest apologies to those of you who have been here and I love you so much for sticking around and waiting like Amy did for the Doctor.


Okay! So I know I have a lot of catching up to do and we have a lot to talk about. So, gonna cover some of what you can, hopefully, expect out of me in the future. I have discovered the amazing new broadway musical known as Hamilton (yes yes I know why did it take me so long to find it and my only answer is I am an idiot and didn’t realize how amazing it was sooner). We’ve had some AMAZING new films come out over the last year and a half like Mad Max Fury Road, James Bond Spectre, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia, Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, Inside Out, Crimson Peak and so on an so forth. Made some serious headway in Television such as The Walking Dead, Supernatural, 12 Monkeys, Game of Thrones, and on and on. New books, video games, anime, music, and merch. And, all of the amazing things coming up like the Assassin’s Creed film and Suicide Squad!


So, if you will, please bear with me and my crazy life. And, if you’re willing to take the hand of mad woman and follow her down the rabbit hole, I will gladly take you down this amazing path called geekdom and we can explore all it has to offer together.

Your’s always, Kendall