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FanArt Friday 4/07/17 (Theme: The Walking Dead Pt.2)

Hey every one, been a while since I did this I wanted to bring it back, so, it’s FanArt Friday! Now, as always, none of this work is mine, I did not make these. I just really appreciate them, love them, and want to show them off. In light of the season finale this past Sunday, this weeks theme is The Walking Dead. So, enjoy!


Kirk Manley



AJ Moore


Kirk Manley



I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks Fanart, let me know what else you’d like to see. Have a fantastic Friday!


I’m Going on an Adventure! (to the Waking Dead Cafe & Woodbury Shoppe)


Good morning everybody! So here in about an hour and a half me and one of my floormates are headed down to Senoia Georgia to visit The Waking Dead Cafe, The Woodbury Shoppe, and Woodbury itself. The cafe is a Walking Dead themed coffee shop with themed drinks and food and the Shoppe is the Mecca of all things Walking Dead mercy, props, and replicas. We’ll get to see pieces from the prison as well as set recreations, a bit of Terminus, some sets from season 5, and props. And if we’re lucky we may even run into one of the cast or crew! (I can dream can’t I)

Now, I’ll be posting pics on Instagram and Twitter (@watf04) while we’re there if you want to check them out. The feeds for both of those are here on our page (left side for computers, at the bottom for mobiles) When we get back to the University I’ll do a full post about it with pics galore and stories to share. So for now that’s all I’ve got for you but follow me on my adventure to Woodbury and see what the dead have in store for us!


The Walking Dead: Conquer (90 minutes of tension)

Oh my poor heart can’t take that kind of stress! The entire episode I was tense and on edge. I was so worried that Glenn my get killed, I was worried about Daryl and Aaron running into the Wolves, and was worried Rick was gonna lose his mind again. Thankfully none of this happened.

Now, I knew they wouldn’t kill off Daryl, Rick, or Michonne because they’re too crucial to the story and I’m sure they haven’t forgotten about “If Daryl dies we riot” any time soon. I loved seeing more of Morgan and I loved how much of a badass he turned out to be. He really took it up a few pegs. I also liked how he was the one who saved Daryl and Aaron. I loved Daryl seeing the map and making that connection. I like it when Abraham brought Tara flowers and the apologies that passed between Eugene and Abraham. I love that Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, and Tara all share their own house. I love and adore that so much, like yes they are apart of Rick’s family but they’re their own family too. And Tara woke up! She finally woke up which is great.

The Wolves concern me. They’re clever, brutal, and without remorse. They’re far scarier than the dead, and they have the pictures of Alexandria from Aaron’s bag! Not only that, but you endangered the life of Daryl Dixon and for that you must pay. Though I will say, it provided the scenario for the best walker kill by far. Out of all 5 seasons my favorite kill has to be walkers that got killed by Daryl’s chain whip. That was pretty sick.

I liked seeing Daryl and Aaron’s conversations with one another. I liked seeing them fight together too. They make a pretty good team, nothing like Rick and Daryl obviously. I liked how neither one was going to let the other risk his life first. I like how the show doesn’t put a huge emphasis on it’s gay/lesbian characters. And when I say that, I mean I like how they don’t make them extremely flamboyant and throw it in your face. I like how they’re treated as normal people and it’s not a huge focus, and honestly I forget half the time that Tara and Aaraon are homosexual. Like the fact that they’re homosexuality doesn’t make or break the story. I like how Aaraon is gay but he is a survivor and knows how to fight off walkers. Same goes for Tara.

I understand that Glenn isn’t the type of person to kill Nicholas and that it looks like everything is okay now because they were helping each other back to Alexandria, but dude you shot Glenn in the shoulder and you got Noah killed. I still want you to die. I was screaming at the TV all night, “Get bit!.” I also screamed that when Gabriel went out into the woods alone. I’m sorry but you needed to get bit sir. At least, that’s what I thought until the end there. That everything he said about Rick and his group wasn’t actually about Rick and his group but rather it was about himself. He is still feeling guilty and hating himself for what he did to his people.

Now, all that being said I still think you’re an idiot. But I liked how Maggie was the one to stop the fight and she was the one to pull him up. I liked how Sasha finally admitted she’s lost, broken, and defeated. I really loved how Maggie channeled her father in that moment. I liked how we got that shot of three holding hands and praying because that is what Herschel would do. That is how her daddy raised her.

Finally, Rick. I think it was nice to see Rick back in his right mind. I liked watching him talk to Michonne about what he and the others had planned. (By the way the moment was there for Rick to finally make a move but NO, we lost the moment… I’m not bitter.) Rick had to be the one to kill the walkers and bring them before the group. It had to be him to prove what he had been saying all along. I was angry at Deana all the way up until that moment.

I loved watching Pete cower in front of Carol, but then he went and lost his ever loving mind there. Ranting about how it wasn’t his house, then the moron goes and gets Michonne’s katana!? Like seriously dude do you HAVE a death wish? Then he went and made it worse by raving and saying they didn’t belong here and slicing Reg’s neck open. Deana already lost one son and now she lost her husband. Abraham was on him quick. But the moment Reg died I knew Deana was gonna tell Rick to kill him, and boy he did not hesitate for a second.

While Pete was an expected death, Reg was not, and it’s sad that one of the sane ones died. But let’s be real everybody, it’s the season finale, someone has to die. It’s practically a law. Now comes the waiting, which kills. *Sigh* Well, what did you guys think of the Walking Dead season 5 finale?

The Walking Dead: Try

So this episode was… interesting. I didn’t properly know what to expect going into this episode. I actually expected, and hoped, that someone was going to die. I really, really, really, want Nicholas, Gabriel, and Pete to die. (In that order) So the fact that all three survived the episode surprised me. First off I’d like to address the fact that the ‘W’ group is getting worse and worse. They tied up a woman while she was still alive and let her get her guts ripped out before letting her turn. I’m still waiting to see where that goes.

Secondly, Nicholas you and your lying hide need to get bit. I want Carol to tie him to a tree and let him get eaten. Also, Deana, get it together. You said you knew how to read people and know when they were lying. So why are you wasting time on his pathetic lie? You know he did it, kill him. You’re whole exile clause is bull. Also, you knew that Pete was beating Jessie but because he was a surgeon you let it go? No. Just because the world went to hell in a hand basket doesn’t mean he has the right to abuse her. Her freaking child shouldn’t have a bolt on the inside of his closet or think he needs a gun to protect his mother. That’s not his job. You need to do be better Deanna. Exile is bull. If Pete finds a group, say the ‘W’ group, and manages to convince them not to kill him he can come back with a vengeance and take Alexandria. Their way of life is dead. Move on.

Sasha needs to get herself together. Stop putting your life in danger and making the people who love you and care about you worry. You think they haven’t suffered? That they haven’t lost people? Michonne lost Andrea, her boyfriend, and her baby boy. Rick lost his wife and his best friend. Abraham lost his wife and his children. Glenn lost Dale. Carol lost her daughter. Daryl lost his brother. Tara lost her father, sister, and niece. Maggie lost her stepmother, stepbrother, father, and sister. You aren’t the only one who’s lost people. Grieve, deal, and move on. Stop pushing people away. They’re not going anywhere.

Thirdly, Rick have ya lost your mind? Moving on from Lori is one thing. That’s good. But moving in on a married woman who is in an abusive relationship that you just met is stupid. You don’t know these people, you don’t trust them, so why are you trying to hook up with this woman? Seriously boy you have problems. Also, I want Pete to die. I agree he needs to die, but you went about it a stupid way. Not only that but you lost your mind for a moment there at the end. You were acting like that time you and Tyreese went at it when Karen and David were burned.

I also would like top point out that when the fight made it’s way into the street that Pete backhanded Jessie when she tried to intervene while Rick just pushed Carl away when he tried to intervene. Not only that, but when the fight broke out Jessie and Pete’s son ran to Carol. Carol. He ran to her and hid behind her for protection. He doesn’t trust his mother to be able to protect him from his dad. He doesn’t think his own mother can protect him so he runs to the woman who threatened to tie him to a tree should he tell anyone about what he saw her do. That says something.

As a last side note, I’d also like to say that the preview for next week’s episode was amazing. Pete didn’t flinch or nothing when he went up against Rick but when Carol put a knife to his throat he cowered. He cowered in fear when she told him that she would kill him and no one would question it because he’s already proven that he’s not opposed to hitting a woman. This is why Carol lied and sneaked around. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Anyways, that’s all I got time for today. I hope you guys enjoyed. I also apologize for not posting the last couple of days. Life got busy and projects and papers were all due at the same time so I got a bit behind. But yeah, have a great day!

FanArt Friday! 3/20/15 (Theme: The Walking Dead)

Hey every one it’s FanArt Friday! So I know this post came out later than usual but I had started this and then things came up and I got busy. But here it is! This weeks theme is The Walking Dead. So, enjoy!

So, I hoped you enjoyed today’s fanart Friday. If you have any ideas or have a specific one you want to see let us know.

The Walking Dead: Spend (My feels, oh my feels.)

Okay, so this episode of The Walking Dead made me happy, sad, and mad all at once. I was really happy to see Abraham and Rosita as a couple and to see Abraham really take on the leadership role and save Francine. I was also happy to see Eugene step up and carry Tara and take care of her, fending off walkers, attracting them so the others can escape, and even trying to stop Moron from taking the van. I’m calling him Moron because I refuse to call him by his name.

But then they made me angry because Aiden shot the grenade on the walker like and idiot and got Tara seriously injured. (If we lose Tara too I’m gonna flip). Then Moron leaves our gang to try and pull his friend off of the pole. Then Moron is selfish and gets Noah killed before trying to muscle Eugen out of the van and take it after failing to get him to leave Glenn.

But the thing that made me the angriest was Father Gabriel calling Rick’s group servants of the Devil. HOW DARE YOU! They saved your pathetic sorry hide and they took care of you. They fed you and protected you. How dare you. You don’t do that to out group. The only “logical” (and use logical loosely) reason I can come up with is because of what they did to the Termites in his church. But the Termites deserved to die, and they deserved to die gruesomely.

And the sadness obviously came from Noah’s death. Poor Noah didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve such a brutal death. The worst part was that he was pressed against the glass looking at Glenn and Glenn was trapped with no way of saving him and no way of being able to look away. He had to watch his friend die right in front of him. That was a really powerful death scene I think. Not just because of the brutality but because there was no way to look away from it. Essentially we were trapped in that revolving glass door with Glenn. It also hurts because Beth died for him and because of Moron’s actions we lost him. I was very happy though when Glenn started to beat him. I hope they kill I him. I really do.

Also, yeah! You all finally find out what’s up with Jessie’s husband. He’s just like Ed, an abusive drunk who needs to die. Also, very interested to see what Deanna thinks of Gabriel’s words and of her son’s death. And, what she’ll do with Moron for killing Noah and her dumb son injuring Tara. I also can’t wait to see the groups reaction to the death and injury as well. How they’ll react to the rest of the Alexandria and how Alexandria reacts to them. Especially when the matter with Pete arises.

As a closing bit, I’d like to point out that we have lost four people in one season. Bob, Beth, Tyresse, and Noah. FOUR PEOPLE and it ain’t even the season finale yet. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today guys. I hope you enjoyed it. How do you think Rick’s group will react to the news?

The Walking Dead: Forget


This was an interesting episode. I really liked the interaction between Daryl and Aaron and the conversation the two had in the woods. I liked it because Aaron knew what Daryl’s personal problem with Alexandria was. He knew because he felt the same way when he arrived. Aaron is gay man with a partner and while the people may not have directly meant to offend him or thought they were saying it in a joking manner the barbs still hurt, Not only that but he isn’t blind, I’m sure he saw the looks some people gave them. He knows what they think of them. Just like Daryl knows what they think of them. He know that they see him as redneck trash and that he’s more of a wild stray than an actual human being. That’s why I liked the conversation the two had. Aaron shot straight with him and it paid off.

When Carol was caught by Jessie’s boy I was mildly concerned for her, but then she gave him her cookies or death speech and I was like, “Holy crap! Things just got real people!” I think offering cookies is the new ‘look at the flowers’. I mean holy crap she was down right scary. I mean if he puts the group in danger, yeah kill him. I just hadn’t expected her to actually be that good at being scary.

Rick and Jessie. I still ship Michonne and Rick and I will ship it to the end but I also know what role Jessie plays in this because of the comics. I do and I don’t like Jessie for reasons that will be revealed later. Now as for her husband… kill him. Just kill him. He’s wholesale trouble with a healthy helping of jackass. If you stuck around for next week’s preview there’s a few things you should note.

One, the man is a drinker. He was standing there drinking from a bottle of something and obviously he wasn’t on top of his game but the fact that he was drinking that alone and made a good dent into it without being on the floor says something. Also, he was drinking in front of God and everybody. He didn’t care who saw. Secondly, the way he was talking about Rick bringing his kids over to see him cos he was a doctor. The way he said it creeped me out. Not only that but when he was talking to Rick about ‘being friends’ was just as menacing. Rick knows it too, he knows something’s up with that dude.

I liked the fact that Daryl took a chance on Aaron and Eric. He actually sat down and had dinner with them. Now, Daryl’s table manners are less than desirable but it’s been a while since he’s had to sit at an actual dinner table and eat like a civilized human being. The spaghetti also made me think of Herschel’s Spaghetti Tuesday joke, and that hurt my feels. I really liked Aaron giving him the bike too. That means something to Daryl and he knows it. I liked the fact that he offered him a position too and that he acknowledged the fact that Daryl can tell good people from bad people. This is evidenced to the viewers back in season 2 when Dale confronted Daryl about Shane and Daryl told him right off that bat that he knew Shane killed Otis because he came back with the man’s gun.

I really feel bad for Sasha. She’s still struggling from losing her brother and Bob for that matter. She’s lost so much already and being out there kept her going and kept her mind busy. Now that they have down time she’s left with her thoughts and the nightmares.

I’m really curious about if that was a ‘W’ or an ‘M’. It’s more than likely a “W” and there are some theories floating around about who it can be. Now, in The Talking Dead they addressed this. Kevin Smith of Comic Book Men mentioned something about the ‘wolves’. I hadn’t caught this, and in fact I had to look it up, but in the episode where the group goes to Noah’s camp and it had be violently ransacked, spray painted around the town were the words “Wolves not far”. 

Now, in the comics there isn’t a group called Wolves but this could be the writers trying to throw viewers off the scent and that this is actually a cover name for one of the other two groups: DC Scavengers and the Saviors. People seem to be leaning more towards the Saviors because the brutality of the walker kills and carving them up sounds like something the Saviors would do.

There’s a more far fetched theory that it’s another group called the Whisperers but they’re a more recent addition so it’s unlikely. It’s possible but unlikely. But, it should be addressed that the Whisperers cut off walker faces and wear them as masks so they can walk among the dead unseen. Marking a ‘W’ on the walkers head could indicate to other members of the group that it’s actually a walker and not one of their people. I didn’t come up with this theory but it’s a good theory! Also, in Clear season 3 when we meet Morgan for the second time he’s ranting about “People wearing dead people’s faces.” Is this foreshadowing or just a coincidence. Perhaps he wasn’t as crazy as we initially thought.

Well that’s all I got for this review. What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Who do you think is marking the walkers with a ‘W’?

(Info about the theories from comicbook.com)