April 23rd: Impossible Astronaut Day (Doctor Who)

Hello Stonehenge! (sorry I couldn’t resist) Today is Impossible Astronaut Day, and for those of you who aren’t Whovians, let me explain. The Impossible Astronaut is the first episode in the 11th Doctor’s sixth series. This is the first time we meet The Silence, a baddie that you can’t remember once you’ve looked away from them. So, to “remember” them The Doctor and his companions would mark themselves with tally marks and get an idea of just how many there really were. This episode was first broadcast on April 23rd, 2011. So, it’s become a Whovian holiday of sorts.4

This is the day where Whovians mark themselves with tally marks using washable marker. You cover your hands, arms, legs, neck, and face if you’re feeling so bold. When people ask you about them you can either explain to them that it’s a Doctor Who fandom thing or you can take that extra step and look at them curiously and go, “I can’t remember.” That’ll really freak them out.

Personally I can’t wait for this day. It’s one of my all time favorite things and it gives me free reign to be creepy and freak people out. So get a marker (washable, unless you want to walk around for days with tally marks on your body) and get to work. Have fun with it and look for other people who have tally marks on them. And you know what, talk to them!

If you see someone who’s got tally marks on them go and have a conversation with them. Clearly they aren’t a boring person. I mean boring people don’t draw tally marks on them for nothing. Clearly they’re intelligent people and are worth the time to talk to. And if they happen to be wearing a bow tie or fez and ask you to run away with them in a little blue box then go! If you happen to see a Silence mark yourself and then run, or kill them all on sight. (I’d apologize for all of the Doctor Who references and jokes in here but I’m not really sorry. Actually not in least bit.)

I hope to see you all you clever boys and girls wearing your tally marks tomorrow, I know I’ll be wearing mine. Post pictures and leave us a comment if you have a funny story about your Impossible Astronaut Day. Allonsy!


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