FanArt Friday! 4/10/15 (Theme: YouTube Gamers)

Hey guys it’s Friday which means more fanart! I hope you guys have had a good week, I know mine has been a bit stressful but it’s Friday! The weekend is here! So, without further adieu I give you Fanart Friday: YouTuber Gamers! (Probably gonna be a lot of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye because they’re our favorites)

  • Collabs

  • Markiplier

  • Jacksepticeye

  • PewDiePie

  • Cryaotic

Well, that’s it for this Fanart Friday. I hope you enjoyed it and if you want leave us some suggestions for future themes or something that you would like to see. Have a great Friday everybody!


4 thoughts on “FanArt Friday! 4/10/15 (Theme: YouTube Gamers)”

  1. This is very cool and it’s great that you are showcasing people’s artwork, but you should leave a link or at least the name of the artist with each image. We put a lot of work into these things. Please keep that in mind for your future fan art fridays. Thank you.
    (btw mine is the Jacksepticeye with a cookie)


    1. That’s amazing! I really love that pic and I had started to do that in earlier pics but most of the ones I found didn’t have names, I find all of them on Pinterest. But I will try to add in names if I see them or if I come across names for pieces in the future I’ll try to go back and add them in. Thank you and again your picture is amazing.


      1. I would suggest doing a reverse image search on google. That might help. Also I’d suggest getting your images from deviantart or tumblr rather than Pinterest. Those two sites are where the artists will actually post the work and it’ll be easier to credit them. Plus those are the sites I have seen some if these works . I recognize a few of them from deviantart especially. And thank you!


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