Being Yourself in Today’s World

So in class this week we had two different speakers come and talk to us, and the the thing that stood out the most to me was the reoccurring them of being yourself and being real. Being authentic with who you are. It is hard to be a geek in this society. People judge others before they even get to know them. This happens a lot to geeks. I do not know about you but I have gotten plenty of looks by people because of something geeky I’m wearing or how enthusiastic I get about something.

For my high school career I hid just how enthusiastic I was about geek stuff. Not because I was ashamed of being a geek; I did not hide it, I just was not forthcoming with it. In a small school, people look at you funny when you get excited about a film or show. It was in my freshman year of university that I stopped caring about what others thought about me, and I expressed my geekiness to its fullest.

I was never bullied or anything of the sort but I know of people who have been. It’s terrible to think that people can be so cruel as to abused and torment other people. While hiding your geekness may save you from bullying or weird looks, you are still hiding the real you. And hiding who you are sucks. It sucks that you cannot express who you are without being judged. It really weighs you down and makes you feel like you’re not good enough for the rest of society. That who you are is not good enough.

The thing is, you are good enough. You’re worthy enough. If people cannot accept you the way you are then they are not worth having in your life. People who will not let you be you are not worth your time or effort. But there is something even worse then others not accepting who you are. Not being able to accept yourself. Be true to who you are. Value yourself; do not undervalue yourself.

If you do not believe that or if no one else will tell you that then let me be the first. You are valuable. You are worthy. Be yourself. Be who you want to be. Be happy with who you are. Be happy with what you are. Be happy. Be yourself. Love Yourself.


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