The Walking Dead: Conquer (90 minutes of tension)

Oh my poor heart can’t take that kind of stress! The entire episode I was tense and on edge. I was so worried that Glenn my get killed, I was worried about Daryl and Aaron running into the Wolves, and was worried Rick was gonna lose his mind again. Thankfully none of this happened.

Now, I knew they wouldn’t kill off Daryl, Rick, or Michonne because they’re too crucial to the story and I’m sure they haven’t forgotten about “If Daryl dies we riot” any time soon. I loved seeing more of Morgan and I loved how much of a badass he turned out to be. He really took it up a few pegs. I also liked how he was the one who saved Daryl and Aaron. I loved Daryl seeing the map and making that connection. I like it when Abraham brought Tara flowers and the apologies that passed between Eugene and Abraham. I love that Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, and Tara all share their own house. I love and adore that so much, like yes they are apart of Rick’s family but they’re their own family too. And Tara woke up! She finally woke up which is great.

The Wolves concern me. They’re clever, brutal, and without remorse. They’re far scarier than the dead, and they have the pictures of Alexandria from Aaron’s bag! Not only that, but you endangered the life of Daryl Dixon and for that you must pay. Though I will say, it provided the scenario for the best walker kill by far. Out of all 5 seasons my favorite kill has to be walkers that got killed by Daryl’s chain whip. That was pretty sick.

I liked seeing Daryl and Aaron’s conversations with one another. I liked seeing them fight together too. They make a pretty good team, nothing like Rick and Daryl obviously. I liked how neither one was going to let the other risk his life first. I like how the show doesn’t put a huge emphasis on it’s gay/lesbian characters. And when I say that, I mean I like how they don’t make them extremely flamboyant and throw it in your face. I like how they’re treated as normal people and it’s not a huge focus, and honestly I forget half the time that Tara and Aaraon are homosexual. Like the fact that they’re homosexuality doesn’t make or break the story. I like how Aaraon is gay but he is a survivor and knows how to fight off walkers. Same goes for Tara.

I understand that Glenn isn’t the type of person to kill Nicholas and that it looks like everything is okay now because they were helping each other back to Alexandria, but dude you shot Glenn in the shoulder and you got Noah killed. I still want you to die. I was screaming at the TV all night, “Get bit!.” I also screamed that when Gabriel went out into the woods alone. I’m sorry but you needed to get bit sir. At least, that’s what I thought until the end there. That everything he said about Rick and his group wasn’t actually about Rick and his group but rather it was about himself. He is still feeling guilty and hating himself for what he did to his people.

Now, all that being said I still think you’re an idiot. But I liked how Maggie was the one to stop the fight and she was the one to pull him up. I liked how Sasha finally admitted she’s lost, broken, and defeated. I really loved how Maggie channeled her father in that moment. I liked how we got that shot of three holding hands and praying because that is what Herschel would do. That is how her daddy raised her.

Finally, Rick. I think it was nice to see Rick back in his right mind. I liked watching him talk to Michonne about what he and the others had planned. (By the way the moment was there for Rick to finally make a move but NO, we lost the moment… I’m not bitter.) Rick had to be the one to kill the walkers and bring them before the group. It had to be him to prove what he had been saying all along. I was angry at Deana all the way up until that moment.

I loved watching Pete cower in front of Carol, but then he went and lost his ever loving mind there. Ranting about how it wasn’t his house, then the moron goes and gets Michonne’s katana!? Like seriously dude do you HAVE a death wish? Then he went and made it worse by raving and saying they didn’t belong here and slicing Reg’s neck open. Deana already lost one son and now she lost her husband. Abraham was on him quick. But the moment Reg died I knew Deana was gonna tell Rick to kill him, and boy he did not hesitate for a second.

While Pete was an expected death, Reg was not, and it’s sad that one of the sane ones died. But let’s be real everybody, it’s the season finale, someone has to die. It’s practically a law. Now comes the waiting, which kills. *Sigh* Well, what did you guys think of the Walking Dead season 5 finale?


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