Viral Video: (One Piece AMV) Centuries

So, today is viral video day. And the viral video we’re looking at is a One Piece AMV. This one is called (One Piece AMV) ♪Centuries♪ by animejumper on YouTube. This video was published September 25, 2014. In October it dramatically spiked until December then it took another spike in February 2015. This videos continues to climb in views everyday. Currently there are 3,355,046 views, 23,789 likes, and only 344 dislikes. (But honestly I don’t see how you can dislike this video.)

The clips used in this video are from: the One Piece TV series, Strong World movie, One Piece movie Z, One Piece special Tears of a Navigator and Episode of Luffy adventure on hand island. The song is Centuries by Fall Out Boy. This YouTuber did a phenomenal job editing these clips together to fit the music. Like, I give major props to the creator of this.

Animejumper joined YouTube February 25, 2007 but didn’t start posting videos until two years ago and has published 24 videos since. All but 2 are amv’s, which we’ve previously said is called an Anime Music Video. Most of them consist of One Piece videos but there are some Attack on Titan and a few other anime ones on there. Animejumper has 8,067 subscribers
3,813,768 views to date.

One Piece, as I’ve previously stated, I love One Piece and when I found this I couldn’t stop watching. I kept hitting the replay button over and over again. I still watch at least twice a week. I love the song and I love the way that they edited it to go with the music. Honestly, if you’re a fan of One Piece then I highly recommend that you watch this video. And, you should check out some of the other things that Animejumper has made.

Enjoy the video!

(info from YouTube and Google Trends)

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