The Walking Dead: Spend (My feels, oh my feels.)

Okay, so this episode of The Walking Dead made me happy, sad, and mad all at once. I was really happy to see Abraham and Rosita as a couple and to see Abraham really take on the leadership role and save Francine. I was also happy to see Eugene step up and carry Tara and take care of her, fending off walkers, attracting them so the others can escape, and even trying to stop Moron from taking the van. I’m calling him Moron because I refuse to call him by his name.

But then they made me angry because Aiden shot the grenade on the walker like and idiot and got Tara seriously injured. (If we lose Tara too I’m gonna flip). Then Moron leaves our gang to try and pull his friend off of the pole. Then Moron is selfish and gets Noah killed before trying to muscle Eugen out of the van and take it after failing to get him to leave Glenn.

But the thing that made me the angriest was Father Gabriel calling Rick’s group servants of the Devil. HOW DARE YOU! They saved your pathetic sorry hide and they took care of you. They fed you and protected you. How dare you. You don’t do that to out group. The only “logical” (and use logical loosely) reason I can come up with is because of what they did to the Termites in his church. But the Termites deserved to die, and they deserved to die gruesomely.

And the sadness obviously came from Noah’s death. Poor Noah didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve such a brutal death. The worst part was that he was pressed against the glass looking at Glenn and Glenn was trapped with no way of saving him and no way of being able to look away. He had to watch his friend die right in front of him. That was a really powerful death scene I think. Not just because of the brutality but because there was no way to look away from it. Essentially we were trapped in that revolving glass door with Glenn. It also hurts because Beth died for him and because of Moron’s actions we lost him. I was very happy though when Glenn started to beat him. I hope they kill I him. I really do.

Also, yeah! You all finally find out what’s up with Jessie’s husband. He’s just like Ed, an abusive drunk who needs to die. Also, very interested to see what Deanna thinks of Gabriel’s words and of her son’s death. And, what she’ll do with Moron for killing Noah and her dumb son injuring Tara. I also can’t wait to see the groups reaction to the death and injury as well. How they’ll react to the rest of the Alexandria and how Alexandria reacts to them. Especially when the matter with Pete arises.

As a closing bit, I’d like to point out that we have lost four people in one season. Bob, Beth, Tyresse, and Noah. FOUR PEOPLE and it ain’t even the season finale yet. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today guys. I hope you enjoyed it. How do you think Rick’s group will react to the news?


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