Sunday for this tired, busy, Geek

Soooo, I had originally planned to a post in advance for this morning but life happened and I never got to. Now it’s almost 2 AM and I’m far too tired to make a proper post. So this post is more or less a tired university geek who has an eight hour drive back to university tomorrow.


Now, I don’t know if any of you are bloggers out there, and it could just bmakee me who’s like this, but when it comes to something I’m passionate about I put a lot of work into it. Most of my posts take at least an hour and a half. The more writing, pictures, videos, etc. the longer it takes. The fandom terms post I made a while back, yeah that took me almost five hours to do. The reason it took me so long was because I am a researcher. I don’t like getting my information wrong and I want to give you guys the best I can give you.

Amongst my own opinions I want you guys to have all the facts. I also want to give you guys something to look at besides words, so I roam pinterest, tumblr, instagram, etc. for pictures. And not just any random pictures. I want good quality pictures that go with the theme and look good. And that takes a lot of time too.

Now, technically speaking this blog was created for a class I’m in this semester. But, I had always been meaning to create a blog. Especially once we get our YouTube channel up (which thank God my mum found out new camera and I don’t have to use a crappy webcam any more). For this assignment we really only have to blog once a week and sometimes we have specific topics and sometimes we don’t.  For those of you who come here regularly you know that I’ve gotten into the rabbit of posting on a daily basis. But I genuinely enjoy blogging.


I enjoy getting to share my geek passions and my friends geek passions with you guys. And I enjoy getting feedback. I like talking to random people about all things geek be it a guy at the bookstore or someone on the internet. I’ve got some great internet friends. (obviously I don’t give out personal info or talk to the creepers who were portrayed to us in school as 50 year old men in windowless trucks offering us candy). But, growing up in a small school, it was hard to find friends who were as passionate about this geek stuff like I was. There were plenty of casual fans but there were no fangirls. So I talked about it with my internet friends.

Thankfully I met Anna Beth, Bekah, and Kaitlyn who were fangirls like me. It’s nice to have flesh and blood friends who can do fandom things with you and not judge you when you come crying to their room at three in the morning because The Doctor regenerated. I can wear fandom clothing without getting the same weird looks I did in high school. You don’t have to explain what I Am SHERlocked means. By the way, side story here people, I wore that shirt to my classes one day and I got lots of “I like your shirt” and “I love Sherlock”. I even got a hug because of it! So, to me it’s nice to not have to be geek in hiding. And at this point in my young life I don’t care what people think about me. You may think I’m weird but I’ve got friends who are just as weird as me, and that’s all that matters. Cos being weird alone is boring and when you get bored you shoot a smiley face into the wall while shouting bored.


This blog as had 527 views and is in 34 different countries in the span of almost two and a half months. To me that’s really cool. That people actually like what I post and that people care enough to read it. It may seem small or unimportant to some but to me it means a great deal. So thank you for reading and for sticking it out. I really and truly appreciate it and I know the others do as well.

Well, it’s now almost 3 AM (funny how I can’t even make a simple ramble post in a short amount of time) and I have to get some sleep for my adventure back to my hobbit hole tomorrow. Again, thank you so much. And I wish you all a very wonderful Shakespeare Sunday.



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