Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3: The story, the good ending, and the bad ending


I don’t know about you all but I was really excited about Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3. In fact, I checked YouTube twice a day and watched Markiplier play the entire game in a week. Not only that but he beat the game and discovered both endings but he also beat Nightmare mode which is slightly similar to the 20/20 mode in the other games. Now, you actually find out more about the story from the mini games at the end of each level then from the main game itself. (I’ll include a link to 3 of the main videos below)

After the first two nights you no longer hear from the burnout surfer dude that introduced us to the game. You only hear the audio tapes that he left of the old security guy from the first two games. Now, the guy talks about how the animatronic suites doubled as wearable suites. That you had to be careful of the spring traps and and gears because if you accidentally touched them that they would shift and puncture your body, causing you to bleed out. They talk about a safe room that you can go to if you are bleeding out. More specifically they said that if you get hurt to please go to the safe room so you don’t bleed out in front of the customers. Also, it was emphasised that even if you’re bleeding out you should always wear a smile. (Yeah cos I’m gonna be smiling and trying to move if I’m bleeding out.)

In the mini games, and through Mark’s video’s, we discover that the room that you follow Purple Guy to is the safe room and that that’s why the animatronic’s can’t go back there. If you recall in one of the instructional tapes he states that the animatronics cannot enter the safe room, that something in their programming prevent them from entering it. Throughout these planned mini games that you play at the end of each night you play as each of the original animatronics: Freddy. Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. However, on the last night you play as the Crying Child that was featured in the second game’s mini game. As the crying child you make your way back to the safe room where you find more children, Purple Guy, and an inactive Springtrap suite. You chase Purple Guy around the room until he ends up falling into the Springtrap suite. The suite fails and the animatronic parts clamp down onto his body, effectively melding him with the suite. Now this was hinted at in the game and in secret photos (below). This confirms the theory that Springtrap is a mesh of animatronic and human body parts.

So, FNAF 3 has two endings (as i previously stated), a bad ending and a good ending. The common ending to get is the bad ending which you can get just by completing the game. To get the good ending, you have to complete a series of hidden mini games that you discover by doing a series of different puzzles.

Now for the sake of clarity we’re gonna start with the good ending. Now, this is not a playthrough or a how to, if you want that then I suggest you watch Markiplier’s let’s play of the game. Now in each mini game you play as one of the animatronics from both the first and second game, including Golden Freddy. The goal is the take a cake to each of the crying children. By completing all of the mini games, and giving all the crying children cake, you then get the good ending. Apparently the crying children are the souls of the murdered children from the previous games and the setting for the mini games is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria in it’s hay day.

That their souls were trapped in the pizzeria and they inhabited the animatroic suites. One of the running theories is that purple guy killed the first kid who’s soul took over Golden Freddy’s suite. Then Golden Freddy, with the soul of the child, lured several other children to a safe room where Golden Freddy killed them then stuffed their bodies into animatronic suites. Those kids souls took over those suites and because they were killed so brutally their souls remain, and that because Purple Guy (a security guy) killed them they come after you (the current security guard) at night to try and kill you. The reason they aren’t active during the day or try to kill the children is because they still want to make children happy and that they don’t want to hurt kids. So, by giving the children cake you put their souls to rest and they leave the aniamtronic suites. Thus ending the Freddy saga.

Now, the bad ending is when you either don’t free all the souls or you just don’t free any of them at all. So, obviously the good ending takes a lot more work, and by the looks of things these mini games are a bit hard to do. Not because they’re complex but because you sort of have to ‘break’ the game to get it right. You’ll see what I mean if you play it or watch someone play it.

Finally, the game itself is not as hard as the previous ones. This game is based more on skill then the last two were. Plus Springtrap is the only anamatronic and it’s not hard to keep him away if you use your audio cues correctly. The hallucinations are more scary then Springtrap.

This post went on longer than I intended for it too but I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to check out Markiplier’s playthrough of the game. The Nightmare level is below. I hope you all have a wonderful day and let us know what you think of the new Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3 game.


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