All Hands On Deck! Repeat, We Are In a Crisis. All Hands on Deck! (video update & the existential crisis of finishing a series)

Okay, so, we have a slight setback. We recorded our first video two weeks ago, and then we also recorded two more videos. Now, we had several snow days which prevented me from getting to the computer lab where all of the editing programs are. Finally I was able to make it to the computer lab… only to find out that the audio for out first video somehow got corrupted. *sigh* Our other two videos are fine but the one is just of three of us and the other is only two of us. I wanted our first video posted to have all four of us in it so I’m holding off to post the other two.

On the plus side though, my mum found our new camera which will takeĀ much better videos than our crappy old web cams. Unfortunately, it’s spring break right nos so it’ll be at least a week maybe two till we can record. We’ll probably have to re-record the first episode. *Grrrr*

That’s the main reason of this post but it’s just too short for me to justify posting it, so we’re gonna talk about the existential crisis of finishing a series and not knowing what to do with your life anymore. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. You’ve been watching, or binge watching in our case, a series, it could be five seasons it could be ten, and you’ve watched every episode you can but that’s it. There’s nothing left. You could move on to the next show, like most normal human beings but we’re not normal because normal is overrated and boring, but you’re not ready to move on. You’re still stuck in that fandom. It’s always sad when a series ends, you’ve become attached to the characters and the story and you’re just not ready to move on.

Be it a show, book, comic, manga, anime, video game, or film series it always hurts in the end. Usually the last series, book, or film is always the most painful. For example, when we were watching Merlin, series 5 was the most painful series out of them all. When we finished Merlin, we couldn’t move on. Our feels were crushed. Now, everyone copes differently with the end of a series. Personally, I watch behind the scenes videos, actor’s vlogs, interviews, specials, and so on. For me, it helps to lessen the pain so I can move on to the next series.

Everyone has different methods of coping with the end of a series: re-watching/reading the series, jumping straight into a new one, watching/reading your favorite parts, etc. But whatever your method is, it still hurts and still make you sad that it’s over.

What’s your method for recovering after finishing a series?


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