The Walking Dead: Forget


This was an interesting episode. I really liked the interaction between Daryl and Aaron and the conversation the two had in the woods. I liked it because Aaron knew what Daryl’s personal problem with Alexandria was. He knew because he felt the same way when he arrived. Aaron is gay man with a partner and while the people may not have directly meant to offend him or thought they were saying it in a joking manner the barbs still hurt, Not only that but he isn’t blind, I’m sure he saw the looks some people gave them. He knows what they think of them. Just like Daryl knows what they think of them. He know that they see him as redneck trash and that he’s more of a wild stray than an actual human being. That’s why I liked the conversation the two had. Aaron shot straight with him and it paid off.

When Carol was caught by Jessie’s boy I was mildly concerned for her, but then she gave him her cookies or death speech and I was like, “Holy crap! Things just got real people!” I think offering cookies is the new ‘look at the flowers’. I mean holy crap she was down right scary. I mean if he puts the group in danger, yeah kill him. I just hadn’t expected her to actually be that good at being scary.

Rick and Jessie. I still ship Michonne and Rick and I will ship it to the end but I also know what role Jessie plays in this because of the comics. I do and I don’t like Jessie for reasons that will be revealed later. Now as for her husband… kill him. Just kill him. He’s wholesale trouble with a healthy helping of jackass. If you stuck around for next week’s preview there’s a few things you should note.

One, the man is a drinker. He was standing there drinking from a bottle of something and obviously he wasn’t on top of his game but the fact that he was drinking that alone and made a good dent into it without being on the floor says something. Also, he was drinking in front of God and everybody. He didn’t care who saw. Secondly, the way he was talking about Rick bringing his kids over to see him cos he was a doctor. The way he said it creeped me out. Not only that but when he was talking to Rick about ‘being friends’ was just as menacing. Rick knows it too, he knows something’s up with that dude.

I liked the fact that Daryl took a chance on Aaron and Eric. He actually sat down and had dinner with them. Now, Daryl’s table manners are less than desirable but it’s been a while since he’s had to sit at an actual dinner table and eat like a civilized human being. The spaghetti also made me think of Herschel’s Spaghetti Tuesday joke, and that hurt my feels. I really liked Aaron giving him the bike too. That means something to Daryl and he knows it. I liked the fact that he offered him a position too and that he acknowledged the fact that Daryl can tell good people from bad people. This is evidenced to the viewers back in season 2 when Dale confronted Daryl about Shane and Daryl told him right off that bat that he knew Shane killed Otis because he came back with the man’s gun.

I really feel bad for Sasha. She’s still struggling from losing her brother and Bob for that matter. She’s lost so much already and being out there kept her going and kept her mind busy. Now that they have down time she’s left with her thoughts and the nightmares.

I’m really curious about if that was a ‘W’ or an ‘M’. It’s more than likely a “W” and there are some theories floating around about who it can be. Now, in The Talking Dead they addressed this. Kevin Smith of Comic Book Men mentioned something about the ‘wolves’. I hadn’t caught this, and in fact I had to look it up, but in the episode where the group goes to Noah’s camp and it had be violently ransacked, spray painted around the town were the words “Wolves not far”. 

Now, in the comics there isn’t a group called Wolves but this could be the writers trying to throw viewers off the scent and that this is actually a cover name for one of the other two groups: DC Scavengers and the Saviors. People seem to be leaning more towards the Saviors because the brutality of the walker kills and carving them up sounds like something the Saviors would do.

There’s a more far fetched theory that it’s another group called the Whisperers but they’re a more recent addition so it’s unlikely. It’s possible but unlikely. But, it should be addressed that the Whisperers cut off walker faces and wear them as masks so they can walk among the dead unseen. Marking a ‘W’ on the walkers head could indicate to other members of the group that it’s actually a walker and not one of their people. I didn’t come up with this theory but it’s a good theory! Also, in Clear season 3 when we meet Morgan for the second time he’s ranting about “People wearing dead people’s faces.” Is this foreshadowing or just a coincidence. Perhaps he wasn’t as crazy as we initially thought.

Well that’s all I got for this review. What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Who do you think is marking the walkers with a ‘W’?

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