The Walking Dead: Remember


Okay so this was a nice episode, we were able to relax a bit. No one died, and we were introduced to some a new, and important, characters. It was strange to see out characters in a clean and in a closed in environment again. It felt foreign to see Rick clean shaven, Carl playing video games with other kids, and to see Carol in a sweater. And from the looks of things it felt foreign to them as well.

Obviously Daryl isn’t comfortable here, and who can blame him? In this type of society in the normal world would look down on him. They would look at him as redneck trash and scum, they’d shy away from his rough exterior and gruff manner. This society hasn’t been too affected by the outbreak. They haven’t had to face the harsh trials that our characters have. They’re fresh and untrained while ours are seasoned and hardened.

Deana was smart to record all of the meetings, having a copy of everyone’s interviews and having it as evidence of what peoples stated intentions were is good. I also think she realizes Rick’s ability as a leader, that he commands a certain level of respect. He and his group are very knowledgeable about how to survive in this world. This group’s ignorance about how to deal with the outside world was shown with the scene where the group was making a run.

When Aiden and his friend were talking about how they got a hold of some really sweet weapons for this run and pulled out a couple of measly pistols it was obvious that they were not cut out for this. Glenn, Tara, and Noah all had that “seriously?” look. and then how they handled the walker. That was a very Governor-esque type of move. Frankly it was sick and creepy. Tara almost got bit because of these fools. I love the fact that Glenn could have taken Aiden but chose to back down, until he threw the first punch. Aiden needed a wake up call. I also really enjoyed how quickly Daryl pounced on the other dude. After Rick pulled him off, he stalked around behind him like a caged wild cat. He’s tense, he isn’t comfortable here, and he feels like these people are a threat to his family.

Family, I cannot stress enough how much I loved the scene where they have two houses but they all chose to sleep in one together. They all slept in the living room together on the floor and had the windows covered with a guard. I especially loved it when Deana came by and saw them all and talked about how despite the odds that all these people from different backgrounds with different personalities could come together and be a tight, trusting family. I loved how as she said this the camera panned across each member of the group, showing us this family of misfits.

It was interesting to see the interviews spread throughout the episode as well. Not only that, but Carols interview was both creepy and brilliant. It was weird to see her play herself down as the weak woman from before, how awkwardly she handled the gun, and to hear her talk about how she missed cooking for her husband and stuff. But at the same time you know she isn’t weak and that she hated Ed. She’s making herself seem like someone that you don’t half to worry about, that she’s just a weak woman instead of a lethal killer.

We also met Jessie, her son, and her husband Pete. For those of you who don’t know they’re all from the comics. And for those of you who have read the comics, you know what’s coming when it comes to this family. Now I won’t spoil it or anything but I’m intrigued to see how true to the comics they stay when it comes to this part. Also, this episode was the first time Lori was mentioned in a long time. It was weird, strange even, to think about her. Even though it’s only been about a season and a half since we last saw her.

I’m really excited to see where they go with this and can’t wait for next week’s episode. But what did you guys think about this week’s episode?


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