The Walking Dead: The Distance (We’re going to Alexandria!)


Okay, so Sunday’s episode of the Walking Dead. This is the first episode so far that hasn’t messed with my feels or put me in pain. Sure it was intense because of the newcomer but no one died and we didn’t have to watch our favorite characters drown in their own heartache. Now, Aaron is from the comics, this I didn’t know until I did some research. *Note, I’ve read some but not all of the comics, and I have done a fair bit of research so I do know a good deal about has happened and what will happen, so don’t crucify me comic Nazi’s* But I have heard of Alexandria and I am so excited to see this.

But back to the show, I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters in this episode. It was one of the first times we really see them making a decision like group, almost like when they had a council back at the prison. Yes they did have that moment when they were debating about how to get Beth and Carol back but this was different. This was closer to home.

I thought it was a good choice to have Michonne be the one to sort of stand up against Rick’s decision. Daryl is his second in command and his brother, but Michonne… Michonne is more of like his female equal. She’s, as Chris Hardwick put it, the mother, aunt, and sister to Carl. She’s a mother to Judith. And, personally, I see her as Rick’s (future) wife. Sorry but I’m gonna have a fangirl moment and say that I ship Michonne and Rick like no tomorrow. Those two need to get together! They’d be perfect for each other and she’d be everything that Lori wasn’t. I’m sorry but forget Lori, Michonne man! She’s tough, she can handle herself, and she can be the voice of reason. She’s perfect for Rick, get on it Kirkman and Nicotero!

Back to the episode! I liked how everyone didn’t agree with Rick but they were also wary and cautious. They played it safe and scouted. The moment that Rosita and Abraham had in the RV was wonderful, I loved how he asked if she was scared that he would hurt her when he was beating up Abraham. I loved it because that’s that soft side of him that not everyone gets to see. It’s his biggest fear, losing her. He wants people to fear him, he want to keep up that tough mentality but he doesn’t want her to be afraid of him.

Seeing that RV and how much it looked like Dale’s hurt. When the thing burnt out and Abraham didn’t know how to fix it and Glen just knew… ugh. and Abraham asked how he knew; he knew exactly where the second battery was because of Dale! Then didn’t say it but it was heavily implied. Oh the feels… You forget how much those characters meant to you, how at one point they were a big part of the show and you rooted for them. We, as the audience have sort of become accustomed to moving on quickly because the show doesn’t let us wallow long. They keep the action going and so, like the characters, we can forget about those we lost.

And on that note, I will leave you all with these final thoughts. We’re finally at Alexandria, what do you think waits for our characters? What new dangers will they face?


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