The Poor, Sleep deprived, University Geek

This post is about the struggles of life in university, using geek related pictures, gifs, and posts from tumblr.

So this post is already off to a rough start because I’ve had to restart it twice! My laptop decided it would be a great time to break down and quite working when I was in the middle of a paper and had an unfinished post waiting for me. So that’s why there was no post yesterday, which I deeply apologize for, so then I decided I would try typing up one on my phone. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to do a blog where you include pictures, video, and chunks of info on a phone but it is hardTHEN I accidentally backed out of the document and my phone DIDN’T SAVE IT. I was literally putting the finishing touches on a video game post and lost EVERYTHING. *Sigh* Anyways, I managed to jerry-rig my lap top into working, long enough for me to make this post (this is also why this one isn’t as stellar as the other ones). On a higher note, we filmed our first YouTube episode yesterday! I’m gonna try and get it edited and put out sometime this week. But on with the post!

  • Homework:

  • You have no life:

  • So accurate it hurts:

  • Reading that Film Theory and Criticism book:

  • How to take a test:

  • That test you were completely unprepared for:

  • Getting a good grade on that test you didn’t study for:

  • New day, same problems:

  • When your computer freezes:

  • Life is nothing but stress:

  • To study or not to study:

  • Homework over break:

  • Can’t even afford to go to a fast food place:

  • When people make plans you can’t afford:

  • After a certain amount of trying on an assignment you just don’t care anymore and you’d rather sleep:

  • We all know that person who’s just peppy in the morning and we’re just barely alive:

  • When you think about the future:

  • Exams:

  • When you pull an all nighter:

  • Sleeeeeep, I need sleeeeeep:

  • How I get up in the mornings:

  • When you actually have time to make yourself look decent for the day:

  • When you’ve had a rough day:

  • Ignoring all your problems and trying to block out the world:

  • Life inturupts you time with Tom Hiddleston and Tumblr:

  • When you forget to shower during finals week:

  • When the cafeteria has nothing good to eat:

  • Your job sucks:

  • Group projects are of the devil:

  • When you’re overwhelmed with work:

  • When people are loud or singing at 3 in the morning:

  • When the forecast calls for lots of snow and you get nothing:

  • When you’re hugged by that creepy person on campus:

  • Having a crap car and driving 8 hours to go back home for break:

Well, that’s all I got folks. I’m sorry this wasn’t anything spectacular. After losing all my work twice I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again. I’m ready to just sleep for a week so I hope you found some enjoyment in this and I promise the next post will be better. Night!

(All pics and gifs came from Pinterest, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed)


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