The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On (AKA the episode that killed my feels)


If you have not seen season 5 episode 9 of the Walking Dead then stay away from this post until you have.

So, how many of you watched Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead? If you’re anything like me I was sitting there ten minutes before the show started practically bouncing out of my seat with excitement. In my excitement though I forgot that Greg Nicotero and the rest of the Walking Dead writers enjoy making us suffer. This came back to bite me (pun intended) later in the episode. 

I had emotionally prepared myself for Beth’s funeral and had a theory going that Maggie would try and commit suicide because she couldn’t deal with losing both her father and her sister. But clearly I was wrong. Why Tyreese? Why?! Sasha had just lost Bob and now she’s lost her brother. Why would you do that to us! Then you drag his death out? That was harsh.

However, it was a stunningly beautiful episode. Cinematic beauty. And bringing back Martin, Bob, the Governor, Lizzie, Mika, and Beth was phenomenal. I kept thinking what if they brought the Governor back, and then David Morrissey appeared on my television screen and I screamed.

I really liked watching the inner battle that Tyreese had and how conflicted he felt. I also really enjoyed how his hallucinations and reality collided. Like when the Governor was going after him and then in a flash it was a Walker, and Lizzie and Mika pulling on his arm only for it to actually be Rick. So cool.

Sigh, we shall miss Tyreese dearly and hope for flashback appearances later like they did with Herschel (that’s a whole other heartbreaking topic right there) Anyway’s I leave you with this picture and a question. What did you think of Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead ?

"It went the way it had to, the way it was always going to." (taken from @THERICKYGRIMES on Instagram)
“It went the way it had to, the way it was always going to.” (taken from @THERICKYGRIMES on Instagram)

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